Mum, as you read this are you feeling exhausted?

You love your children dearly but do you sometimes fear that you are losing control and failing as a parent?

May be you are concerned about how the behaviour of one child is affecting the rest of your family?

Or do you sometimes worry about your child’s future.

Mum, you nurture and support everyone in your family but are there days when you feel lost or alone and wish that there was someone you could turn to for support?

My name is Karen Lynne, I am the Family Angel and I am passionate about creating Happy Families.

I was thinking the other day that we often forget why family is so important. We first feel safe and loved with our family. We share our success and our disappointments with family, and we learn our values and how to relate to others all with family. Our family is where we feel we belong.


Would you like to feel

  • Confident that you know how to help your child?
  • Informed about handling teenage problems?
  • Supported by someone who is there for you?
  • At peace with all the members of your family?
  • Energized with a new zest for life?
  • Happy because you have Harmony in Your Home?

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