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Karen Lynne Family CoachSince I was a little girl I have wanted to create happy families. Because my own mum passed when I was only 6 I was parented by a number of different adults. Nannies, God-parents, grandparents, a Stepmother, my boyfriends Italian parents and my school friends mum who was a Single Parent, they all took on the role of parent at some point in my early years, some more successfully than others but all good experience to prepare me for the work I am now doing.

When I became old enough to have a family of my own fate seemed to play yet another cruel trick in that my now ex husband and I did not seem compatible. Little did I know at the time that this heartache actually gave me an opportunity to help many more children than if I had had my own. I have been surrounded by teenagers most of my adult life, firstly as a Teacher of Mathematics, then during the years that I ran my own Horse Riding School and more recently in my work as a mentor and mediator for families with teenagers.

I love the work that I now do. I feel as if I have been training for it all my life and it truly does feel like it is my divine mission to bring happiness to the many families I work with by helping them to create harmony in their homes. That may sound a little grand but I so believe in the importance of Family.

I am sure you will agree that life today has become so demanding and there is so much pressure on parents. Wouldn’t it be great if children came with a parenting manual? Sadly this is not the case and so parents you have no choice but to learn as you go along. I often find that my clients feel nervous and vulnerable when they first contact me but they soon discover there is nothing to worry about. Asking for help is a strength and a natural part of the parenting journey.

Family Mediator Karen LynneOne of the ways I really love to help my clients is to share some practical tips and tools. I also like to offer a new perspective on the teenage years so that guiding your child through the transition to adulthood feels more like an honour and a joy.

Take the first steps with me now on this journey to discover how you can make some simple changes that will make your family life easier and happier.

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